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Sales Manager
Lars Bo Jensen
Tel: +45 40 80 44 53

AOD (Alt om DATA) tests more than 500 products each year. A favourable test result can successfully be used in your marketing. Therefore, we offer a tailored campaign that boosts the test results on our own media and on Facebook and LinkedIn.

AOD is 35 years and our readership comprises both professionals and enthusiasts, all keenly reading the magazine’s group test, features, and news.

AOD is a unique magazine in the Danish market. This is the magazine to consider if you want to reach the serious and competent IT-user. The magazine is equally successful in the B2B market and in the private sector.

Each issue contains a large number of tests, but focus is also applied to topics such as security, commerce, and tips and tricks for the computer user. We also consider trends and technologies such as driverless cars, the Internet of Things, robotics, virtual and augmented reality and much more.

Have a look at our magazine, click on the cover below to see a sample issue of AOD.


Prices and sizes – Print

SizePrice DKK
2/1 page35.000
1/1 page23.000
1/2 page14.300
Advertorial+10 %
Right hand page charge+15 %
Inside or front/back cover+25 %
Back page+40 %

Prices are exclusive VAT

Frequency discount
6 insertions; 15 %
12 insertions; 25 %
17 insertions; 30 %
Agency Remuneration
Single insertions; 5,5%
Extra charge
Advertorial; +10 %
Right hand page; +15 %
Back page; +40 %
Inside of front/back cover; +25 %
Publication frequency
The magazine is published 17 times annually and digital edition on every platform.
Cancellation/termination of advertising. A written cancellation should be given at least six weeks before issuing date to Audio Media.
Conditions of payment
Net 14 days from date of invoice, hereafter two per cent interest per month.
Alteration of advertisement material
Alteration of advertisement material
after deadline will be charged with a fee of DKK 500,-.
Voucher copy
Voucher copy will be sent before publishing date.
Material specifications
Advertisement material must be delivered as a PDF-file in CMYK colours (Pantone or RGB colours will be converted to CMYK).
Image material must at minimum be 300 DPI and in TIFF, EPS or JPEG.
Delivery of advert material, e-mail; or use for example

Prices and sizes – Online
Overall site for all titles of Audio Media

Responsive site for pc, tablet and mobile.

Traffic from July 2020:
Users: 129.664
Visits: 176.931
Page impressions: 379.817

(1) Top banner930 × 180 pixelsCPM 300
(2) 1. and 2. article banner300 × 250 pixelsCPM 250
(3) Center placement160 × 600 pixelsCPM 200
(4) Mobile banner 1320 × 160 pixelsCPM 200
(5) Mobile banner 2320 × 320 pixelsCPM 200
(6) Mobile banner 3320 × 50 pixelsCPM 300
Run of site (ROS)All sizesCPM 250

Prices are exclusive VAT

Material for banner in GIF or JPEG Maximum size 100 kB per format + URL to the landing page. Place a frame if the banner has a white background.


Newsletter UPDATE

14.000 recipients, 5 times a week
(Opening rate: Approx. 40 %)

Price per. day DKK 3,000

Ad material for newsletter in GIF or JPEG
(not animated). Maximum size 100 kB per format + URL to the landing page
Place a frame if the banner has a white background.


SoMe boost

congratulations on your test result – everyone should hear that

AOD tests more than 500 products annually. We give a grade between 1 and 5 stars (total of 10 levels with half-stars) and assigns the following Awards: RECOMMENDS, BEST BUY and TEST WINNER.

”A test result helps guide the consumer and can mean the decisive factor in purchasing your product”

If you want your test result to reach an even larger target group, then we offer a setup where we can boost the obtained test result online on all SoMe platforms, buy the right target group and increase the involvement where test results are the focal point.

AOD – Information 2021

IssueDeadlineReleaseSpecial activity
04/202101/0225/02• Awards: Best of the year 2020/2021
08/202126/0420/05• UEFA Euro and sports summer (part 1)
09/202117/0510/06• UEFA Euro and sports summer (part 2)
10/202107/0601/07• Summer, holidays, and leisure
12/202119/0712/08• Back-to-School - study (part 1)
13/202109/0802/09• Back-to-School - study (part 2)
15/202120/0914/10• Birthday issue
17/202101/1125/11• Gadget calendar

Contact information:

Sales Manager
Lars Bo Jensen
Tel: +45 40 80 44 53